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A house that breathes with its colors, that moves with its shadows, a spiritual place where the outside world is not the enemy, but a part of the furniture. A safe haven that doesn’t need the presence of people because it’s entertained by itself. Maybe because it never stops to evolve?  The house is beautiful and enormous with a lot of space for one to feel the creative flow, like an invisible host, always surrounding us.

Barragán, in his own way, is incorporating his idea of God and Nature into his creation. The spirituality through the golden painting Message from Mathias Goeritz, which symbolizes God, and the yellow window from the rooftop lets the golden rays fall onto the walls of the room. The Nature through the high ceiling windows allows the green among us to be seen like the part of the furniture. And with this, he proclaims the Death of the Author. He leaves his work in the arms of a Creator higher than himself and a Creator stronger than himself. At last he is leaving the work to us. The way we feel and express our motions in the house. Barragán acknowledges the fact that his corner of the world is not only his.  By revisiting nature, he built a house with a memory of how the world has been created.

When I entered the living room I had a strong feeling in my gut that said I’m doing something wrong in my life because everything here was so “right.” I was thinking to myself: I guess I was looking for the answers in all the wrong places. Maybe I finally need to start redirecting the gaze towards myself, my inner home: the obscure and light corners of my soul, the hidden ones, or the ones who I expose only for the guests, the errors made in the process of building... Everything works. Everything is okay. Because the furniture from which we are built is part of the inner architect plans. 

In this busy modern world of ours, we are constantly moving from place to place, from one home to another more than ever. Ideally, as we grow, the square footage is also growing. Our homes are more like an elastic part of us, always doomed to be in exile just because there is something bigger, there is something better for us there. Most of the people are moving into homes that have been already made. I was born in a house that was created for the simple purpose of being a practical, happy place where one specific family can live there: my grandparents. Both my grandfather and grandmother built their home (the home of my childhood and adolescence) from scratch, and when my parents got married they expanded the house by adding more rooms. But this house belongs to my past. Just like the story of the Ugly Duckling, we the Ugly Ducklings are leaving the place where we were born in order to find the place where we are meant to be.


from the interview of Philip Johnson
I remembered one quote from Gaston Bachelard: “The house of the future, sometimes  is better built, lighter, and larger than all the houses of the past, so that the image of the dream house is opposed to that of the childhood home.  This Casa has no future because it is already so wise. We are the one with the future and the happy thoughts about our very first ideal home. But houses like this, built with an emotion plan, can only help us learn how our world should be created.

More information on the architect himself, and how to visit the house can be
found on the official CASA LUIS BARRAGÁN website

This story was curated while on my trip in Mexico City, January 2018.


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